Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Book Review-Bitter Frost


The book starts off with a dream that catches your interest right away. Showing you a glimps of the fairyland through the main character Breena's eyes. Her life in the dream is carefree and fun, showing herself as a child dancing in a faery court.
Once you get into the base of the book you deffinitly need to pay attention to certain details or you may lose sight of some of the situations.

The Book surrounds Breena, a young girl turning 16. Her life isn't the best, she's not popular and she even gets called wierd. She loves art and paints what she dreams; paints things and people she just can't seem to get out of her head. She rmemebers the mysterious young boy from her dream; Kian, and wonders if he's real, she feels that her dream is more real than her actual life.
When Breena begins to see strange things around her she thinks she's going a bit crazy seeing things in the real world that only exist in myth.
Breena only has one person she can trust with this information, and when she tell her best friend Logan about the faery creatures she's seeing he starts acting strange, and protective.
When dream become reality and Breena gets pulled into Feyland, her dream prince charming becomes more than what meets the eye, and the once beautiful and enchanting faeryland turns more dangerous then Breena maybe able to handle.
Evil pixies, a war between the Summer and Winter courts, and a hunt for Breena, makes this book excitin from beginning to end.
Though there were a few plots in the book that just sort of ended, when in the middle of reading, once at the end the "plothangers" don't seem as bad.

The ending to the book leaves many questions unaswered and leaves readers with a major clliffhanger, but it deffinitly pulls you to want more and thankfully a second book is in the works. The Epilogue at the end is just a small taste of what's in store for Breena and possibly the fate of the Faery courts.
I look forward to reading Book 2: Forever Frost

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