Friday, June 11, 2010


Immortalis Series by Katie Salidas

Book 1: Immortalis Carpe Noctem

This book gripped me right from the beginning. I haven't read many adult based books but this one was a great read full of mystery, drama, action, and desire.
The book revolves around the life of Alyssa.
Alyssa's life was pretty boring and repetitive, but she felt happy; she went to school, went to work and hung out at the local coffee shop with her friends. One night as she heads home from the coffee house alone, she falls victim to a mugging where 2 men look to rape and kill her right on her school campus. As she lays on the ground bleeding to death, she is saved by a mysterious man name Lysander from a brutal fate but the only way for him to save her is to push her into a new life and force her to leave everything she knew behind. But is this new life a gift...or a curse. Now that Alyssa is a vampire her life has been turned upside down, where she can no longer live the life she once had, or speak to any of her friends or family, she's completely alone. Well, except for Lysander...She can't seem to figure him out but she feels a strong connection to her sire and she doesn't quite know if he feels the same.
With Lysander explaining to her the rules and ways of living as a vampire, Alyssa soon realizes that the life may be too difficult for her to handle. Her main worry being that she has to feed on people to survive, but she sees eventually that there is no other way but she focuses her attacks on those who would possibly attack others. After Alyssa's first hunt, her and Lysander come face to face with a warning. Her turning hasn't gone unnoticed by the largest coven, a coven that Lysander use to be a part of. With the threat of The coven's mistress upon them, Lysander and Alyssa must try not to draw attention to themselves and figure out a way to stop an impending attack upon them by the coven.
When you think things can't get any worse for the duo, a new threat emerges; one that has been plaguing the vampire world for centuries, the acta sanctorum has been drawn to Las Vegas because of the coven that's after Alyssa and Lysander. When they get into the Acta sanctorum's line of fire all hell breaks loose and they have to fight for their lives with an attack coming from two powerful forces.

This book has action and suspense through all the pages from beginning to end, and when it ended I was hungry for more. Book two will be a fantastic adventure leading Alyssa and Lysander on an epic journey.
I definitely recommend this book series to any Adult book readers that are fans of vampires, romance and adventure because this has everything! A great first novel for Katie Salidas.

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  1. Thank you for an awesome review!

    ~Katie Salidas