Monday, June 14, 2010

BOOK REVIEW: Jekel Loves Hyde


This book had me right from the beginning and carried me all the way through til the end. It kept my heart racing through every page and even touched me on an emotional level; filled with suspense, love, excitment and mystery, you can't go wrong with Jekel Loves Hyde, it's a fantastic read.

The book follows the story of both Jill Jekel and Tristen Hyde, two people on completely opposite levels of popularity. The book opens with the death of Jill's father, where she first gets a glimpse of Tristen's kinder side as he comforts her at her dad's funeral. Both are smart kids, with an eye for chemistry and the arts. When things start getting strange for Jill; like she finds out her college saving have mysteriously disappeared, she begins to dig deeper into her late father's life. There is a mysterious box that she has been forbidden to touch by her mother and with her funds for school gone the potential for a scholarship may be locked away within that box.
With the chance to win 30 thousand dollars, Jill enlists the help of Tristen Hyde in the hopes of increasing her chances of winning, but little does she know that Tristen has some dark secrets of his own. Working as Jekel and Hyde, Jill and Tristen attempt to recreate the potions based on the famous novel. In the hopes of winning the scholarship and hopefully saving Tristen's soul they twist themselves deeper and deeper into the mysteries of the legend, and when Jill accidentally gets a taste of the formula-she's forced to let loose her darkest desires. As her own darkness threatens to take control and push her to be the bad girl, her love for Tristen and the scholarship become threatened by her darker side.

With twists and turns this book will NOT disappoint. You will be pulled into their lives and feel like your a part of the story! Great book and I recommend it to everyone!


  1. Aurora Momcilovich
    Check out my Video Book Trailer for Beth Fantaskeys upcoming book....Jekel Loves Hyde

    I placed a runner-up on Beth's Jekel Loves Hyde video contest.....Check it out!

  2. that's pretty good! It's long too which I guess is good because it's basically a review of the book. Great picture choices too congrats on being runner-up :)