Friday, June 4, 2010




At first I had my doubts about this book, more because I didn't know if I would enjoy the topic seeing as how I usually focus more on fantasy books with vampires and werewolves and faeries etc. But once I began reading I was instantly intrigued.
It enveloped me instantly with mystery and questions.

The book focuses on the life of a girl named Annette, she was called upon to New York to work at the MET Opera house as a seamstress, and even though she is very talented in creating the beautiful costumes of the opera her heart is drawn to the life itself and all she wants is to sing and perform.
Annette meets some of the cast members including a handsome boy named chase a unique girl named Judy and the drama queen-diva Marie. When Annette first witnesses Marie singing the lead role she also experiences one of the most strangest things possible. Everytime Marie opens her mouth, the opera house seems to rumble and growl in anger, when Marie can't handle the interuptions any longer she leaves the role leaving the production in a bind. With the lead role up for grabs Annette feels her hopes lifting, and when the music mysteriously shows up in front of her a stranger named Eric soon follows.
With the help of Eric pushing her to learn the music and encourage her emotions to envelope every note she sings, Annette soon becomes confident enough to audition and eventually win the Lead Role. Eric is the reason she becomes a leading lady and when she digs deeper into his past to find out how he was able to use HIS emotions to push her, she finds out about a long lost love of his named Kristine.
Annette soon finds out that she is more connected with Kristine then she ever knew, and soon sees the truth about Eric.

Drama is at every turn and as the mysteries continue to unfold through the pages this books leaves you wanting more. When the ending comes and your hoping for things to turn out one way, your left with the craziest cliffhanger!
This book had me all the way through and I cannot wait for the next book for me to know what fate has in store for Annette.

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  1. I'm going to be honest... When I first heard of the contest, I needed to know more about this book. I went to different websites and honestly, the descriptions that they gave were nothing like this one. Reading them didn't get me as excited as I thought I should have been. But reading your review/ summery of it, you REALLY changes my mind. TY, and I'm definitly looking forward to reading it.