Wednesday, June 23, 2010


This book was amazing to say the least; it literally gave me goosebumps while I read it. The book is based in the 1800s which is great because it gives you a look into how they spoke and how the lifestyle was back then.

The story revolves around 16 year old twins Lia and Alice who have just lost their father and since they had also lost their mother shortly before, they are now orphans. As soon as their father passes Lia becomes branded with a strange mark on her wrist, she fears to tell anyone of this including her sister Alice who has grown further from her; to the point of becoming her enemy, and begins to scare Lia.
Lia soon finds out that her and her sister are part of an ancient prophecy, which has turned sisters against each other throughout generations; one good one evil, Lia must find a way to end the prophecy before her sister. When things begin to get complicated, lines are drawn and nothing is as it seems. Alice shows her true colors and Lia must do everything within her power to protect the ones she loves and to put an end to prophecy that can tear the world apart.
This book will leave you breathless and aching for more; when the truth of who Lia and Alice really are is finally shown, you will be shocked and drawn further into the story than you'd ever expect. Michelle Zink has done a fantastic job in creating this story and bringing the prophecy to life, surprises, and mysteries lurk at every turn of the page as Evil follows Lia on her quest to find out the truth.
I say this book is a MUST READ! Put it on your TBR shelves because it should not be overlooked. Enjoy.


  1. Thanks for the review! I will get it very soon.

  2. your welcome Mariela!! I hope you enjoy it