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Book 2: Ascendant

The second book picks up a few months after the first book ends.
Astrid Llewelyn has become a full-fledged unicorn hunter, thrown into the heat of battle in the hopes of saving humanity from the deadly unicorn...but she soon finds out that life as a hunter isn't as straight-forward as it seems. After the death of Marten Jaeger and the truth about Gordian pharmaceuticals becomes clear the Cloisters finances have diminished, and the hunters have no choice but to train themselves and work with what they have; making weapons of their own. Astrid soon gets more problems and obstacles thrown her way as her boyfriend decides to leave Rome and her best friend begins losing her powers as a hunter; Phil is still trying to get unicorns rights as an endangered species, and Astrid is torn between her duties as a hunter and her feelings to not kill them.
When she gets a chance to leave the Cloisters in the hopes of discovering the secret to the remedy and the opportunity to work alongside scientists, Astrid jumps at the chance; even if it means working at the Gordian Headquarters. Life at Gordian seems a dream come true as her duties to guard the 'lab rat' unicorns seem easy enough, but when ethical problems come into play Astrid is forced to question her judgement and her duties and is pushed into making some radical decisions that can mean life and death for many.
Astrid comes to terms with the life she has and begins to question her loyaties. Loyalties to Giovanni, the cloisters,and even to Gordian but when the truth about the remedy is brought forth Astrid knows what needs to be done even if it means betraying those she thought she could trust.

This book was extremely enjoyable. The continuation of Astrid's story draws you in and takes you on the journey for discovery with her. I do wish that the book had more of Bucephalus because I enjoyed him in the first book, but the action, adventure and twists in this book made me forget all about wanting the elephant-sized unicorn. I highly recommend this series to anyone who enjoys adventure, Diana Peterfreund did a fantastic job with this second book, and it left me wanting more.

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