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Pulse Series: Book 1--PULSE by Kailin Gow

This story covers the life of Kalina, a 17 year old girl with a life full of secrets.  When Kalina hears that her boyfriend Aaron is supposedly killed in a drunk driving accident; though his body was never found, the story just doesn't seem to fit and the details seem far too suspicious for Kalina.  Kalina soon meets Aaron's 2 half-brothers; Stuart and Jaegar, and they drop the biggest bomb possible...Aaron was a vampire and so are they.  Kalina soon finds out that Aaron wasn't drunk during the accident and the three began a search for information to find out what really happened.  Stuart soon wins Kalina's heart with his personality and the similarities he has to Aaron make Kalina fall for him but Jaegar's attitude and forwardness begin to grow on Kalina as well. He heart becomes torn between the two brothers and when she realizes her blood is the key to everything and possibly the reason for Aaron's death things begin to take an unexpected turn. With her life on the line and the brothers taking dangerous risks to protect her, Kalina must find a way to save them and herself from the evils out to get them. Her blood is the most precious thing out there and every vampire has their eyes set on getting it for themselves.

Can Kalina find the answers she's looking for? Will they ever know the truth about Aaron's disappearance? Only the second book: Life's Blood will hold the answers.

Pulse is fast paced and intriguing, the story has twists at every turn and the ending leaves you open mouthed and wanting more. Kailin did a wonderful job in creating this vampire world.

Want your own copy of pulse? Buy your own copy at AMAZON check it out here: Pulse

And once you have your copy of PULSE don't forget to buy book 2 in the series on AMAZON: Life's Blood (PULSE, Book 2)

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Thanks to everyone who participated in this contest! I appreciate the support Thanks guys. The winner of this contest will receive SIGNED copies of the ENTIRE Ghostgirl Series, a Ghostgirl pillowcase, and a Ghostgirl Tote bag. Thanks to Tonya Hurley for donating this wonderful swag to give away on my blog.

Hope you guys enjoy these contests and participate in future contests as well as tell your friends about my blog and The Bookshelf on Facebook :)

Ok so I tossed all your names into a bowl and our random WINNER of this awesome giveaway is: MARIELA SILVA! Congrats Mariela. Please email me with your mailing info by Saturday August 28th so that I can send your prize to you. If I haven't heard from you by Saturday Morning, another winner will be chosen.

If you havent won this contest you can still buy your own copies of Tonya Hurley's Series, Check them out on AMAZON, click the book name to check out the link.
ghostgirl: Homecoming
ghostgirl: Lovesick
Thanks again everyone who entered and I hope to see your names in future contests. Good Luck and Happy Reading.

Melissa Silva
The Bookshelf


Thanks Everyone who participated in the PULSE contest! The winner will get a SIGNED copy of PULSE by Kailin Gow and a SIGNED bookmark. You guys have been great and I hope you enjoy the contests that I host here on my blog. Thanks again to Kailin for being SO great and donating her books for the giveaways on my blog. Hope you enjoy reading here work. Adn remember if you haven't won the book you can still buy your own copy on AMAZON just click on the link here to get your own copy of Pulse.

Ok so time to announce our winner. I put all your entries into a bowl and our random winner is:  ARIANNA MACIAS. Arianna Please email me with your mailing info  by August 28th so that I can get your prize sent out :) If I havent heard from you by Saturday morning a new winner will be chosen.

Thanks again to everyone who entered the PULSE contest and I hope you enter my future contests. Good Luck and Happy Reading everyone.

Melissa Silva
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Ghostgirl Swag Includes: Entire series, Ghostgirl tote bag, and ghostgirl Pillowcase

Hey guys, here's a pretty sweet Giveaway Thanks to Author Tonya Hurley for donating this wonderful swag which includes:
  • HARDCOVER copies of
                                                Book 1: GHOSTGIRL
                                                Book 2: HOMECOMING
                                                Book 3: LOVESICK
  • A Black Ghostgirl Tote Bag
  • A Ghostgirl Pillow case
Check out the Picture above to get a look at what's up for grabs.

Contest is open to US and CANADIAN RESISDENTS only. Contest will be open from August 22-August 26th and Winner will be announced by Friday August 27, Winner must then contact me by the 28th or a new winner will be chosen. Here's what you need to do (MUST COMPLETE ALL):
Links included here for easy access...
  • Post this contest on your Facebook/Twitter
  • Invite your friends to become fans of THE BOOKSHELF.
  • Post the LOVESICK Trailer on your Facebook
  • Become a fan of TONYA HURLEY on Goodreads
  • Become a fan of the official GHOSTGIRL Page on Facebook.
  • Officially follow my BLOG.
  • Leave a comment here ONLY if you've done ALL the requirements. Remember to leave a link to your facebook or an email for me to contact you if you've won and leave your name so we know who you are!
Again contest is open to US and CANADIAN residents only. Lots of prizes in this contest so hope you guys enjoy the Giveaway.
Karma is great so the more you tell people about the bookshelf, about my blog and the contests I do the more Karma gives you luck to win the contests :)

Please remember that these books are either bought by me or donated by the Author so if you don't want to put in the effort to enter then you don't have to but please don't be rude and insult the contest; just don't enter. Thank you

Here's a little description of the GHOSTGIRL SERIES
Charlotte Usher feels practically invisible at school, and then one day she really is invisible. Even worse: she's dead. And all because she choked on a gummy bear. But being dead doesn't stop Charlotte from wanting to be popular; it just makes her more creative about achieving her goal.

And if you haven't won on this contest you can still head on over to amazon and buy your copy of GhostGirl.
Here's the links to Tonya Hurley's Books:

BOOK 1: ghostgirl
BOOK 2: ghostgirl: Homecoming
BOOK 3: ghostgirl: Lovesick

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Guardian of the Gate Review

Prophecy of the Sisters Series by Michelle Zink
Book 2 picks up 8 months after Prophecy of the Sister Ends. Lia is now in London at Milthrope Manor with Sonia; one of the keys to the prophecy. Lia has isolated herself from her sister Alice in the hopes of developing her powers and protecting herself from the rath of Alice. Lia tries to understand the prophecy, and is hard at work trying to discover the location of the final 2 keys. As Lia tries to increase her powers in the hopes of stopping Alice from forcing her to fulfill the Prophecy, she still gets dragged into dreams, summoned by Alice and exposed to the Souls.

Lia has put her trust in Sonia; while Luisa is not with them in London, and entrusts Sonia with protecting the Medallion and keeping it away from Lia as the pull to wear it weighs heavily on Lia's mind.
The story takes Lia on a journey in search of the missing page of the Prophecy. With the assistance of her oldest friend Edmund and the help of Luisa and Sonia, Lia heads off on a dangerous journey to the Island of Altus to speak to her dying Aunt Abigail who holds the secret to the missing page's location. With twists and turns at every corner and a friend turned foe Lia must fight to survive. When their trip becomes more dangerous and they have the Souls on their trail, they must try to outrun the deadliest of creatures...including hellhounds. If not for one mysterious man whom Lia has a strange connection with, Lia's journey would have ended long before the story began.

New creatures and new characters bring this story to a whole new level twists keep you guessing every step of the way. Juust when you think things canore difficult for Lia...somehow they do. The Prophecy series is a great read and Guardian of the Gate just leaves you with more questions that you can't wait to get answered. Will Lia finally end the Prophecy or will she give in to Samael's demands and become the true Angel and open the Gate...

Michelle Zink has created an amazing story filled with betrayal and mystery, twists at every turn that keep your heart pounding and your mind craving more.

Want to read it for yourself? Click the link to buy Guardian of the Gate (Prophecy of the Sisters, Book 2) on Amazon.

August Contest Part 2: PULSE


Hey guys, I got another contest for you! Up for grabs this time is a SIGNED copy of PULSE by Kailin Gow in honor of it's release on AUGUST 31, 2010 AND a SIGNED bookmark!!! PULSE is a special book with a bit of a background as to how it was created. Here's what Author KAILIN GOW has to say about writing PULSE:
"So exciting...I actually began work on this series a few years ago before I started Bitter Frost. Personal life inspiration...I lost a lot of blood once to the point I blacked out and required 3 bags of transfusion, and it still wasn't enough.

My body craved the blood to keep alive, yet the thought of having to receive the blood from others because my own body couldn't generate it fast enough, made me empathize with what my vampire characters like Jaegar and Stuart felt.'ll soon have the opportunity to read about Jaegar and Stuart this month.

Releases on August 31 in paperback. A little earlier in Kindle and IPad."

Thanks to Kailin for donating this book to give away on my blog! This contest is open INTERNATIONALLY! Good Luck everyone!

Each thing you do on the list will get you an ENTRY,you don't have to do them all but the more entries you have, the better chance you have of winning.. When you do the entries remember to leave a comment with your name and email address so I can contact you if you win, and a list of all the entries that you've completed. Now it's not easy for me to check up on what you've actually done so please be honest with your entries.

Okay here goes! you get one point each, so like I said the more you do they more likely your name will be drawn!

1. become a FAN of Kailin Gow's facebook page:!/pages/YA-Books-from-Kailin-Gow/104549539596369?ref=ts

2. Become a fan of Kailin on GOODREADS:

3. Change your profile picture on facebook/twitter to the PULSE cover for the duration of the contest

4. Follow Kailin on Twitter:

5. follow me on twitter:

6. post a link on twitter/facebook for the facebook fan page of Kailin Gow:!/pages/YA-Books-from-Kailin-Gow/104549539596369?ref=ts

7. become my friend on goodreads:

8. officially follow my blog by clicking the follow button on the right side where it says FOLLOWERS

9. change your status to link this contest on your facebook/twitter:

10. Post a link on your Facebook/or Twitter to this contest:

11. Ask friends to become a Fan of Author Kailin Gow on Facebook as well as The Bookshelf and have them leave a comment on the Bookshelf WALL telling me who sent them (each friend will earn you an extra entry but they must be fans of BOTH pages)

This isn't a requirement but for Karma points... (and to increase your luck of winning because KARMA is cool like that) tell your friends about this blog!

Okay that's it...GO!! Remember to leave a comment, name and email or facebook profile required for winning purposes so I can tell you if you've won and LEAVE A LIST OF WHAT YOU'VE COMPLETED! Contest will run from August 15 to August 25th. Contest winner will be announced by August 30th. Hope you guys enjoy this contest and Good Luck to everyone who enters.

Please remember that these books are either bought by me or donated by the Author so if you don't want to put in the effort to enter then you don't have to but please don't be rude and insult the contest; just don't enter. Thank you

Here's a description of PULSE
Kalina didn't know her boyfriend was a vampire until the day he died of a freak accident. She didn't know he had come from an old line of vampires until the day his two half-brothers showed up to investigate his demise. Now she has to work with them in order to uncover the secrets her boyfriend had been hiding in order to survive. But working and being close to two vampire half-brothers had suddenly gotten interesting.

Check out Amazon to BUY your copy of  Pulse

Phantom Contest WINNER!

Thanks everyone who entered this contest, I appreciate you participating and spreading the word about my blog, The bookshelf and about Kailin Gow's Books! Hope you enjoy entering my contests and hope your love for reading keeps you all close and brings you together on the bookshelf!

So this contest had a great turn-out, thanks for making it a great success and I hope you keep participating in future contests :)

This contest had a lot of entries in it and after stirring up all those names only one winner could be chosen so I send my congrats out to:
Aurora Momcilovich

I have sent a message to you so you have until August 16th 8 pm to email me your mailing address or a new winner will be chosen. Thanks to everyone who entered and check out the new contest up on my blog for a copy of PULSE a new series by Kailin Gow!

Happy Reading