Sunday, August 15, 2010

Guardian of the Gate Review

Prophecy of the Sisters Series by Michelle Zink
Book 2 picks up 8 months after Prophecy of the Sister Ends. Lia is now in London at Milthrope Manor with Sonia; one of the keys to the prophecy. Lia has isolated herself from her sister Alice in the hopes of developing her powers and protecting herself from the rath of Alice. Lia tries to understand the prophecy, and is hard at work trying to discover the location of the final 2 keys. As Lia tries to increase her powers in the hopes of stopping Alice from forcing her to fulfill the Prophecy, she still gets dragged into dreams, summoned by Alice and exposed to the Souls.

Lia has put her trust in Sonia; while Luisa is not with them in London, and entrusts Sonia with protecting the Medallion and keeping it away from Lia as the pull to wear it weighs heavily on Lia's mind.
The story takes Lia on a journey in search of the missing page of the Prophecy. With the assistance of her oldest friend Edmund and the help of Luisa and Sonia, Lia heads off on a dangerous journey to the Island of Altus to speak to her dying Aunt Abigail who holds the secret to the missing page's location. With twists and turns at every corner and a friend turned foe Lia must fight to survive. When their trip becomes more dangerous and they have the Souls on their trail, they must try to outrun the deadliest of creatures...including hellhounds. If not for one mysterious man whom Lia has a strange connection with, Lia's journey would have ended long before the story began.

New creatures and new characters bring this story to a whole new level twists keep you guessing every step of the way. Juust when you think things canore difficult for Lia...somehow they do. The Prophecy series is a great read and Guardian of the Gate just leaves you with more questions that you can't wait to get answered. Will Lia finally end the Prophecy or will she give in to Samael's demands and become the true Angel and open the Gate...

Michelle Zink has created an amazing story filled with betrayal and mystery, twists at every turn that keep your heart pounding and your mind craving more.

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