Saturday, September 4, 2010



Ever wonder what happened to Cinderella AFTER she had her happily ever after? What was her life like after the wedding and after she became a Princess? Cinders gives you a new look on her life within the castle walls and it's not as happy as everyone thinks.

Cinderella's life isn't exactly as she expected, though her relationship with Prince Rowland is filled with affection and everything she could ever dream of, Cinderella feels like there's something missing. As her dreams become haunted by the appearance of of a mysterious stranger, and a strong and magnetic pull forms between them, Cinderella begins to question herself and her life in the castle.  With her faery godmother imprisoned within the castle dungeon, Cinderella must find a way to reach her and ask the questions that have been tearing at her very soul.
Cinderella is thrown into a world of mystery and magic, as everything around her begins to unravel and the spell cast upon the royal family; and Rowland, starts to crumble. With Eolande (her godmother) withering away in the depths of the prison, her powers become difficult to maintain. Cinderella finds a way to see Eolande and with her guidance discovers a way to bring the mystery man of her dreams closer to her...but at what price. 

Cinders is filled with twists and turns that keep you guessing throughout every page. When the mystery of Cinderella's life unfolds you'll be left surprised and the truth will leave you shocked. When the story comes to an end, you never see it coming.
 Cinders brings a new light to an old story and it's a fresh take to not have every fairytale end the same way.

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