Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Paranormalcy by Kiersten White

Paranormalcy focuses on the life of Evie; an orphan leading the life of an agent. Evie was taken in at the age of 8 because of her ability to see through paranormal glamours and has been working for the International Paranormal Containment Agency since then. Evie has only known life at the center and dreams of being able to live a normal life, with school, shopping and boys.  Even though she can't go out she finds ways to keep herself entertained, like when she hangs out with her best friend Lish who just so happens to be a mermaid, or the drama she has with her ex-boyfriend Reth who happens to be a Faerie. And when a new guy comes to the center she finds herself drawn in and begins to have feelings for him...even if he's a shape-shifter.

Everyday is the same; homework bagging-and-tagging paranormals, and trying to avoid Reth until mysterious deaths show up around the world. Someone out there is killing paranormals on a massive scale and the IPCA can't figure out who could possibly be doing such a thing. When Evie starts having dreams that could possibly be the clue to discovering who the killer is, her dreams hold whispers and voices speaking of prophecies and death. A prophecy that may link her abilities to the killings.

Evie soon realizes that she isn't as human as she thought and that her abilities are being monitored by the IPCA as well, who have classified her at a high level which makes her question who she really is, who her parents were and what she can do to save her friends and 'family'.

Paranormalcy was full of suspense and mystery at every page, drawing you into Evie's life and the hope that she can find the killer and herself. A must read for all supernatural lovers.

Melissa Silva
The Bookshelf

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  1. Great review Mel went and brought it today now in my tbrpile hugely growing humungusly lol. !! ;) Thanks forthe great reviews !! kat