Friday, September 10, 2010



I'm going to put up a Blurb from a book and you have to try and figure out which book it's from and by which author. Once you think you know what it is email me your answer with the subject line: WHAT'S THAT BOOK? and leave me your name and mailing address. My email is:

All the people who answer it correctly will be entered into a draw for a Random Prize (could be a bookmark, a book-based postcard, a book, or anything else I can think of lol) and one person will be chosen to win said Random Prize.

Quotes will be taken from books i've read, don't ask for clues because they wont be given and DON'T post your answers as a comment because that just ruins the game--(if you post as a comment it will be deleted and your entry WONT COUNT!!)...also do NOT talk to other people (even on the bookshelf) about the contest to try and find the answer to the game.

Hope you guys enjoy this game. All challenges will only last a day.

Ok Here goes. Here's the first challenge Level: Easy(longer quote):

"A much more vibrant sound eclipsed the clock. It was a reassuring, ethereal sound, a melodic dance on air. Wings, I thought. Coming to take me away.
I held my breath, waiting, waiting, waiting. And then the clock began to go in reverse. Instead of slowing, the beat became more certain. A spiral-like liquid formed inside me, coiling deeper and deeper. I felt myself pulled into the current. I was sliding down through myself, into a dark, warm place."

Ok so there's the quote for today. Remember you only get til the end of today to figure it out so email me with your answer!

Good Luck Everyone


  1. Love it Melissa!! Great contest!

  2. Love It also Melissa , and love the quote . Can't wait for the next one to come out :)