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Awakened has everything someone could ask for in a book. Suspense, action, heart-pounding/nail biting moments, hot guardians and a kick-ass female lead character.
Awakened is about a girl named Lil Falcon. Lil is an orphaned child living with her grandfather, raised in a homeschooled setting she gets nervous when she finds out she's going to an actual high school; worried about fitting in. Lil lives the life of a gypsy and walks to the beat of her own drum, little does she know she's a guardian. A special being with extraordinary abilities, and the duty of killing demons and protecting the humans...Both things Lil does NOT want to accept, the last thing she wants is to be even more of an outsider but the powers that run within her veins are not something she can just turn away from especially when it means protecting the ones she loves.

When a strange and mysterious boy name Bran literally pops into her life asking for her grandfather's help, Lil becomes entranced by his personality and gorgeous face and body. As their relationship grows, Lil soon finds out that Bran hides a large and dangerous secret...He's half demon; half of the very things that Lil is suppose to hunt down and destroy, but deep down she knows that he is good. As her fellow guardians in training attempt to convince her to stay away from Bran; warning her of how dangerous he is, her grandfather gets kidnapped and the only way to find him is with Bran's help. Lil convinces her friends that Bran is one of the good guys, explaining to them that he is the only chance they have of finding the nature-bender that took her grandfather, and Bran's abilities and knowledge are the best chance they have of surviving a suicidal rescue mission.

Lil and the guardians realize that her grandfather's kidnapping was all just a trick to bring Lil closer to the enemy and when the truth of who she really is comes into focus, everything she's ever known; her life, her family, and herself, get ripped out from under her.
 Lil's special abilities; powers that no guardian has ever possessed, become evident throughout the story and the origin of her powers will leave you shocked.  Awakened is full of twists and turns, drama, and the unexpected. Every page left me wanting more. Bran is an amazing bad boy, that could make any girl's heart melt. His story is exceptional, and his true nature speaks for itself. Lil is a powerful main character that makes you want to stand up and cheer!

Awakened is a must read for supernatural lovers; Get your copy today!
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Melissa Silva
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