Sunday, October 3, 2010


Halloween Fantasies by Katie Salidas

**Halloween Fantasies is for Mature readers only, due to it's sexual content. Must be 18 years or older.**

Never a dull moment with Katie Salidas' writing. Halloween Fantasies is just another taste into her world of vampires. The story is set at the Halloween Fantasy Ball. A party known for its openess for every girl to let loose and indulge in all their wildest dreams and fantasies. Sasha and her friend Angela attend the ball in the hopes of having a good time, Angela as a sexy witch and Sasha as a seductive Vampire Huntress.  Sasha draws the attention of Dante; a sexy creature of the night and a real life vampire, which is just what Sasha has ever dreamed of. Dante sets his eyes on Sasha in the hopes of endulging in his own fantasies, and with the help of his brother Trevor, gets Sasha alone and draws her into his arms for a night filled with fun and neverending pleasure. Sasha is left breathless after a night filled with lust and passion and the hopes of one day seeing her vampire lover again.

A sexy story with a surprising ending, a fantasy played out for every vampire lover out there, a must read for vampire erotica fans. The characters draw you in and the story leaves you wanting more of Dante and Sasha.

Great writing style. Congrats to Katie on another great story.

Melissa Silva
The Bookshelf


  1. Thank you for reading and most of all enjoying my newest story!

    ~Katie Salidas

  2. I loved this story. Congrats, Katie

  3. oh it was great! like always.. I want more lol