Wednesday, October 27, 2010

What am I Contest 3


Okay. This contest is for a book. You will not know what book it is because that is part of the contest lol. I will post a clue to what the book is and leave you to guess.

If you think you know what book it is by the one clue email me at with your answer. If only one person has guessed the book within the allowed time frame that person wins the book. If multiple people are able to guess the book with the one clue, all the names get put into a bowl and a random winner is chosen.

Now this is where it gets hard. The clues will be difficult so if no one can guess the book with the one clue, a second clue will be given to go with the first. Then another time limit will be posted with the clue and the same rules apply. (if one person guesses they get it if more than one then names in bowl).

This will keep going for UP TO 5 CLUES. The clues will get easier and the more clues in, the easier to guess the book, but this also means the more people to get it right the less chance you have to win.

So here are the rules.

1.This time the contest is INTERNATIONAL! YAY lol

2. You can use whatever you want to try and find what book i'm talking about (google, goodreads, etc)

3. DO NOT post the answer on the comments because that will ruin the contest, email me your answer. If I see any answers on the wall the contest WILL get withdrawn and therefore no winner.

4. play fair and have fun

5. One guess per person. Once 2nd clue is posted a second guess is allowed. Once 3rd clue is posted a 3rd guess is allowed. etc etc

Not to many rules but they should still be followed :)

First CLUE will be given sometime tomorrow(october 28) so stay tuned to the bookshelf to know when it's up. Good Luck to everyone and like I said have fun with it :)

Melissa Silva
The Bookshelf

Clue will be posted on THIS post!!

The first. Death is the key. Forbidden Love

Silence. The one for me.
I am falling; I am hurt so fix me; kill her



  1. lol it's suppose to be it's only the first clue lol

  2. Why do I have a another book to guess the second I send in my first one.....uggg..... twenty four hours to wait! Love this kind of stuff. Thanks Melissa

  3. lol your too funny. I'm glad you like this :)