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Absolution is the third book in Jennifer Laurens Heavenly Series. I've been waiting anxiously to read this book and let me tell you I was not disappointed, it was everything I expected and more.


Absolution takes place right after Brady's funeral. Zoe is still being haunted by Albert and he is doing everything he can to ruin her life by attacking her family with his evil pressence. The slightest argument gets blown up into a frenzy of emotions and he will not settle on just her family but everyone who is close to her just to get Matthias' soul.

Nerves are worn thin and trying to get back into the swing of things is becoming very difficult. Krissy is filled with guilt over her disaster of a party and with her dad a raging maniac threatening everyone he can think of to find his daughter after she ran away things become a bit complicated. Luke finds her hitchiking and becomes surprisingly close to her in order to comfort her, finding out truths about her life that make Zoe and Luke feel horrible and trying to do anything they can to find a way to help her. Zoe knows there is something wrong with Krissy's father because of the swarm of black spirits latched on to him.

Albert's attempt to destroy her family has put a strain on Zoe and because of him she is forced to tell her parents the truth about everything, from her 'near death' experience and about Matthias. Albert's influence on everyone has made Zoe's life very stressful and it doesn't help matters when Brady's influence is focused on Weston. His short fuse makes it even more difficult for Weston to keep his cool and when he turns his aggression on Zoe, she is pushed into a situation where she must keep Weston calm and explain to him that he feels this way because of Brady wrapping his evil tendrils around him. It becomes easier for Weston to handle the idea of his former best friend pushing him to the edge of darkness when Matthias finally reveals himself to Weston.

The ending of Absolution is Ab-So-Lute-Ly Fantastic! An unexpected outcome involving Albert makes your heart swell with joy and the heartbreakingly beautiful ending makes you never want it to end. But life goes on as Zoe realizes and Matthias becomes more important to the world then she can even imagine.

Jennifer Laurens' Heavenly series is a MUST READ, Absolution is a great conclusion to this trilogy and I can only hope to read more in the future but if this is truely the end I am happy :) Thanks to Jennifer for creating such a wonderful and heart-warming series and for being such a great writer AND friend.

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Enjoy everyone

Melissa Silva
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