Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Distort Contest Winner


Thank you to everyone who participated, I hope you guys liked it and I hope to do more contests like this one in the future. Congrats to everyone who got it right but only one person can win this book.
All Participants were put into an online Randomizer and the winner is ***ALLYSON GILMORE*** Congrats! If you wish to receive this book please email me with your mailing address by NOVEMBER 26TH if I don't hear from you by then, another winner will be chosen.
As for everyone else thanks so much for playing along and stay tuned for future contests and giveaways :) If you wish to BUY this book just click on the link here: The Vampire Diaries: The Awakening and The Struggle
Books that are not donated are paid for by me, so please be respectful while participating during any and all contests Thank You
Melissa Silva
The Bookshelf 


  1. LOL...now that I know what it was its kind of obvious!!!!!
    Great contest:)

  2. DUDE!!!!
    I would have never guessed that... But now that I look at the cover I so see it... Darn!!!

    CONGRATS to those who are smarter then me and figured it out!!!!!!

    HUGE CONGRATS to the winner!!!!!!