Thursday, December 16, 2010

Cryer's Cross Review


Lisa McMann has done it again. Cryer's Cross is a gripping story that leaves you shivering in the end.

                                 *****May Contain Spoilers****

In the small town of Cryer's Cross, everyone knows everyone but secrets are still well kept. When a girl goes missing the town is thrown into a frenzy in search of her.
Kendall is a simple girl with a complicated problem; she has OCD, and the change in the town has thrown her OCD into overdrive.
Kendall leads a very routine filled life and school feels different to her with the missing girl hovering over her like a dark cloud. When two new student come to her class anxiety fills her, and when the rumors start flying that Jacian (one of the new student) is a suspect in the disappearance of the girl, Kendall becomes fearful of him. Jacian is a very quite boy, but he ends up taking an interest in Kendall. When Nico (Kendall's bestfriend) starts acting strange and distant she becomes worried and when all of a sudden Nico goes missing Kendall's heart breaks and the town shuts down. Curfews are put into place and no one is allowed out alone, the town fears a killer and Kendall fears that she'll never see her friend again.
With the buddy system in place Kendall is stuck going to school with Jacian and his sister, eventually allowing for a friendship to form. School is difficult for Kendall; looking at Nico's empty desk, she feels a huge loss within her. When she begins to notice that the writing on Nico's desk has changed; due to her OCD, she feels that something is wrong. She starts to sit in Nico's desk to try and feel closer to him and when she begins to hear his voice coming from the desk she thinks she's losing her mind. She feels drained after sitting at the desk but Nico's voice keeps her going back.
The messages on the desk change and she realizes they must be coming from the missing students who use to sit there, when the message tells her to go somewhere; that it's the only way to save Nico, she follows the voices intructions to a hidden place...a place the townsfolk have tried to hide. Risking her life to try and save Nico, maybe Kendall is the one who really needs saving. Everyone needs a hero.

A town with a secret so terrible, they would do anything to keep it buried.

Cryer's Cross drew me in from the start. Creepy and chilling, Cryer's Cross is a great read for those who need a little mystery and a little scare in their life.

Cheers to Lisa McMann, congrats on a fantastic read.

Melissa Silva
The Bookshelf

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