Thursday, December 16, 2010

Darkness Becomes Her Review


Darkness Becomes Her is a book all on its own. A breath of fresh air on all things supernatural, leaving you wanting more.

                                           ***MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS***

Ari is a strange girl; a girl who never fit in, with silvery hair and teal eyes she lives a life always trying to hide who she is. Ari lived her whole life in foster care but always wanted to know the truth about her past; and her mother. Her need for knowledge leads her on a journey, first in search for her mother she discovers that she's dead but not without leaving her only daughter a little message. RUN.
Ari can feel that she's being followed, but even with the message from her mother she has no idea why she should run or who she's running from. Without any real information she has no idea how to protect herself, but she knows the only way to find answers is to go back to where she was born; the hurricane stricken New Orleans, now known as New 2.  The trip to New 2 is anything but easy but with a group of new friends she realizes that New 2 is different from what she thought it would be.
Ari soon realizes that she fits right into this world; a freak among freaks, and that most people she encounters are actually afraid of her. When one of the founding family leaders of New 2 sends a request to meet her, Ari is suspicious as to whether these people are the ones she should be running from. Little does she know, that the families are the least of her worries. There are far more dangerous things out there then the leaders who are special all on their own.
With the help of Sebastian; a friend and the grandson of the leader of the founding family Arnaud, Ari goes through a long and dangerous journey to discover the truth behind her strange characteristics and the supposed 'curse' bestowed upon her family. When she finds out who is actually after her Ari can't help but fear for all those around her; everyone who has helped her, and all those who stand against the force of this devastatingly dangerous enemy.

Darkness Becomes Her is filled with suspense and heart-pounding action, a kick-ass heroine, an unexpected twist and a gripping ending. Can't wait for the sequel. Kelly Keaton has brought an amazing story to life!

This book is a must read so add it to your TBR piles!

Melissa Silva
The Bookshelf

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