Thursday, December 16, 2010

Forever Frost Review



Breena's story continues in the second installment by Kailin Gow. Forever Frost is magical and intriguing.

***May Contain Spoilers***

Breena is now back in the summer court with the Queen, waiting for the moment when she can see Kian once again, stricken with the grief of Logan's death and the hopes of seeing her mother again. Breena knows she can't stay in Faeryland and it upsets her, she has fallen for it and everything around her. The Summer Queen's hatred towards her and her mother is so great that she doesn't want to risk her anger. After escaping the Pixie King Breena was taken to the summer court and now awaits the hostage exchange between the winter princess and her mother who is being held captive by the winter court and Kian. Breena offers to make the exchange herself but she soon realizes things wont be as easy as she thought they'd be. With the Pixie King still out to get her and the stress of getting her mother back, Breena has her work cut out for her. Breena must travel to the Winter Court with Shasta the Winter Princess to get her mother back and then leave Faeryland to please the Summer Queen. If only it were that easy. With a growing list of enemies Breena must find a way to stay safe and help the ones she loves.
When shocking news come to her she must stray from her path to help a fallen friend. Torn between two loves and struck with the truth of her family, Breena is pulled into political drama.
Forever Frost is a fast paced sequel that leaves you hanging on for dear life when the ending hits you. Unexpected twists and turns, all you can do is hold your breath and wait for the ride to end.

Kailin Gow has done a fantastic job and I can't wait to see where Breena's story will take me next.

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Melissa Silva
The Bookshelf

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