Friday, December 10, 2010

The Real Twilight Fan Contest

Okay guys here is your chance to win a UK EDITION Twilight book! How gorgeous is this cover. White cover with red-edged pages, this is one book that must be added to your collection! Thanks Aurora Momcilovich for donating this awesome edition! Contest includes this book plus some other TWILIGHT Goodies :)

Contest will be INTERNATIONAL.

Contest will begin December 11, 2010 and ends December 12, 2010, winner chosen December 13, 2010.

Two quotes will be given and you will have a day each quote to figure out what page the quote is on AND who said it.

You must get both quotes right to qualify and only ONE guess per quote(I will email you back after each quote to tell you if you got it right (if you get the first one wrong then the contest is over for you sorry) and after the second day (if you answer right) you will also be asked a question by me which you will have to answer truthfully in order to be in the contest)

Only answers that are EMAILED to me will count ( Answers that are posted as a comment will be deleted and you will be disqualified, answers sent to me by facebook, shelfari, twitter or goodreads will not ONLY Email. Thanks (it's just easier for me to keep track)

Email me subject as: TWILIGHT FAN CONTEST

I'll be using the HARDCOVER Original version of Twilight as my reference book. If you only have a different version please type some of what comes after the quote as well as which version you are using just in case the pages differs.

Please follow my blog for the best access to all your book and contest needs

Good luck to everyone, Have fun, play fair and PLEASE follow ALL instructions.

DECEMBER 11, 2010

'My mind still swirled dizzily, full of images I couldn't understand, and some I fought to repress.'

DECEMBER 12, 2010

'He opened his eyes and they were hungry. Not in a way to make me fear, but rather to tighten the muscles in the pit of my stomach and send my pulse hammering through my veins again.'


  1. Wow! Everything looks great! Thanks again.

  2. awesome glad you approve :) if you think of anything let me know ~


  4. I know eh? I love this cover its so pretty!

  5. OK we are working on picking the winner now! So exciting!!!! Thanks Melissa for letting me give away this made my day ♥