Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Angelic Giveaway

Welcome to the Angelic Giveaway!! This contest is for the whole series of an angel based book and it's your job to guess what that series is! Contest will run for 4 days starting today (thursday) and ending sunday 10pm Est. Winner will be announced monday January 31.
Contest will be open to US  and CANADIAN residents only.

Here are the details:
 1. You are only permitted to guess ONCE per day if you attempt to guess more than once in a day your entry will be VOID.

2. Contest guesses must be sent to my through EMAIL. No other form of entries will be valid so please do not Facebook message me or goodreads message me because it will NOT count.

3. The first day of the contest (January 27th) will be open to random guessing. Basically if you can guess which series is being given away WITHOUT any clues you will receive 4 entries into this contest. Again only ONE guess is permitted per day.

4. Day two: January 28th, this allows you to have another guess. On this day you will also get a clue as to which series is being given away. If you guess correctly on this day with only one clue you will get 3 entries in the contest

5. Day three: January 29th, this allows those who haven't guessed correctly to get another guess. Another clue will be given as to which series is being given away. If guessed correctly on this day you will receive 2 entries for this contest.

6. Day four: January 30th, this is the final day to take a guess if you haven't guessed correctly yet. Guessing correctly on this day will only get you ONE entry. No other clues will be given.

Play fair and don't ask others for help.

And again DO NOT answer more than once on the same day or your guess will NOT count. Once you've guessed stay tuned for the winner announcement day to see if you've won.

To enter send your guesses of the Angel Series to: with the subject title: ANGELIC GIVEAWAY and don't forget to include your First and Last name.

Day 1 January 27th: Start emailing me your random guesses until 11:59pm Est--

Day 2 January 28th: First clue entries until 11:59pm Est--
CLUE 1: I am real

Day 3 January 29th: Second clue until 11:59pm Est--
CLUE 2: You can see me if I let you

Day 4 January 30th: Last chance guesses 10:00pm Est--
Decided to give you guys one final clue: I look after someone special

I will email everyone who has answered correctly once the contest is over, so keep an eye on your email because I will ask you a question and the sooner you respond the sooner I can pick a winner :)



  1. :) Great comp mel ;) love the animated cartoon ;)


  2. Ok yet another great contest! Hard but fun....still racking my brain..LOL