Friday, February 11, 2011

Caption Contest Winner!!

We had a lot of great entries in this contest, and that made it difficult to pick a winner. You all did awesome and came up with some creative captions I wish a had a book to give everyone who entered but only one can win.

Thanks to Alice Priday for donating this book and helping come up with this contest. We went through the entries together and had a great laugh doing so and finally picked a winner.

The winning quote is:

"Didn't the Geek Squad say this thing comes with a mouse?"

Congrats to AURORA MOMCILOVICH for coming up with this witty caption :) Please email me with your mailing address so that Alice can get the book out to you!

Thanks to everyone who participate i hope you enjoyed this contest and stay tuned for more here on my blog! Become a follower for easy access :)

Here are the other entries from this contest!

Techno kitty attacks!!!!

"Wachu say?!?! Intel's been jacked!"

Isn't I much prettier to looks at?

''sorry i cant respond to my emails today...something has crashed in my computer''

Already tired of 3D movies? Tired of 3D TVs? Well get ready because a new type of 3D is coming your way. Introducing CatPC. Your background is always a cat that moves but the computer runs slowly. Don't get too frustrated because if you hit the computer, the cat just might jump out from the screen!!!!

when computer cats ATTACK!!

"I swear I saw the mouse come in here"

Escaping windows to touch reality... shouldn't we follow the kitten?

HALP! I iz stuck! I tryed to get a "byte" of ur cheezburger!

Intel Processed Kitty

"finally can escape from this wretched box where to go first....*light bulb* lets go to barnes and noble!!!!!!!

 "awwwwww I dont want to go to the vet!"


 Kitty Squad making sure your computer is furry safe from birds and mice.

Hope these put a smile on your face :)

Melissa Silva
The Bookshelf

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Red Glove Review

RED GLOVE BY HOLLY BLACK (Curse Workers book 2)

An amazing continuation to White Cat. Holly Black turns up the heat in the second Curse Workers.

***Contains Spoilers, Please read White Cat first!***

Red Glove continues in Cassel's life. After Cassel discovers his memories have been altered and erased, that he's actually a Worker and a rare one at that. Cassel can transform anyone or anything into something completely different, as Lila; Cassel's childhood friend, knows all too well. After Cassel transformed Lila back from being a cat, he finds out that his mother cursed her to love him, making it so he can't believe anything she says or does.

When Cassel finds out that Philip is murdered, he's roped into finding out who killed him and for what reason by the feds. But the feds aren't the only ones trying to get Cassel to work for them, the mob is after him too after finding out that he has such a rare ability.

Cassel finds out that Philip was working as an informant for the feds before he was killed, and when Cassel gets a hold of the evidence for the case they're working on he knows they're looking for two different a woman with red gloves and the other...could be him. Cassel still tries to live his life as normal as possible; going to school and hanging out with his two friends Daneca and Sam, until Lila walks back into his life. After she disappeared for the summer; after learning she was worked to love Cassel, she shows up at Cassel's school and becomes the new girl. Rumors start flying about her; who she is, where she came from, what's her story, but only Cassel knows the truth. The cat turned girl only has eyes for him.

Cassel begins to suspect Lila for Philip's death but when he begins to dig deeper he sees that the evidence doesn't add up. His mother is out of prison as well and trying to stay off her radar is keeping Cassal busy after all his mother couldn't be the killer...could she?

In Red Glove Cassel learns what he's capable of, and to what lengths people will go to have him on their side. He struggles to control his feeling for Lila as she waits out the curse put upon her and is learning to trust his friends.

Red Glove is filled with non-stop action and shocking twists, filled with murder, deceit, magic, romance, and the unexpected. Cassel's story is fantastic and the mystery entwined within the pages leaves you breathless and wanting more. Anything can happen in this world that Holly Black has created!

Melissa Silva
The Bookshlef

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Caption Contest

February Contest: CAPTION CONTEST!

Enter for a chance to win a copy of Cassandra Clare's City of Glass. Book 3 in her Mortal Instruments Series.

Contest will run from February 6th til February 10th.

Here is what you need to do:

Take a look at the picture below (I know cute right?) and come up with your own caption for the photo. Most creative caption will win the book, so take your time and try your best in coming up with the best and most creative, funny, cute etc. caption you can think of!

That's it, easy-peezy!

Send your Caption entry to my email: with the subject: Caption Contest. Please include your full name. Only one caption entry per person. At the end of the contest, I along with Alice Priday; who has donated this book, will go through all the entries and the best one will win. Winner will be announced by the 12th of February if not sooner :)

Have fun and Enjoy!

Here is your photo:

Melissa Silva

                                                                      The Bookshelf

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


The Chemical Garden Trilogy


Wither was a fantastic read. Romantic and twisted all at the same time. An amazing first book for Lauren DeStefano!

May Contain Spoilers

Wither follows the life of Rhine, a 16 year old girl thrown into a world of money and unwanted affection.
Rhine is a girl born of Genetic Engineering, because of this she will die at the age of 20. A lethal virus claims the lives of all young girls and boys. Boys living only to the age of 25 before they get taken over by the sickness. This virus is a big problem, causing the human race to begin dying out and the kidnapping of young girls in order to be sold off and used as baby-makers.
Rhine and her brother go everywhere together in order to prevent this from happening to her; but the one time she goes off to do a job on her own, she's tricked along with other girls and gets captured. Rhine along with two other girls get sold to a wealthy man named Linden and they soon become his new wives.
Life as a wife has it's moments; with everything she could ever ask for...except freedom. Rhine makes it her goal to become first wife in order to gain as much freedom as possible; first wife being priveleged enough to go outside the compound to parties and events with her husband Linden.
Things get complicated when she befriends with one of the servants; a boy her age named Gabriel, which she spends time with hidden from everyone. When Rhine begins to feel attracted to Gabriel, she vows to do everything she can to free him and herself from the life at the mansion.
When rumors of what really goes on around the house reach Rhine she becomes worried. With Linden's father being a scientist trying to find an antidote for the virus, and apparently controlling Linden's life as well, Rhine tries her best to stay off his radar while still finding a way to escape.
Rhine soon finds out that Housemaster Vaughn is experimenting on dead bodies down in the basement, and she doesn't know who she can trust. She befriends the other wives Jenna and Cecily but does not confide in them.
Rhine worries about the other girls; especially Cecily because she is so young, she tries to keep Linden's attention away from her in order to protect her, but her attempts are in vain. Linden soon beds the other wives and Cecily becomes pregnant. Cecily loves the life she has, and wants nothing more than to have Linden's attention and everything she asks for; she is oblivious to what her life really is. Rhine becomes closer to Jenna and soon finds she has a lot in common along with their hatred towards Linden and his father for bringing them into the life of wives. Rhine wishes to take Jenna with her when she escapes but Jenna knows there is no point, she will die soon due to the virus.
Rhine must find a way to save herself and Gabriel, they must escape the mansion and live their lives in the real world all without being caught.

Wither is exciting, romantic, and shocking! It left me in awe and wanting more. Rhine is an amazing character filled with life and determination. Book two can't come fast enough!

Want to read it for yourself? Buy it here: Wither (The Chemical Garden Trilogy)

Melissa Silva
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