Friday, February 11, 2011

Caption Contest Winner!!

We had a lot of great entries in this contest, and that made it difficult to pick a winner. You all did awesome and came up with some creative captions I wish a had a book to give everyone who entered but only one can win.

Thanks to Alice Priday for donating this book and helping come up with this contest. We went through the entries together and had a great laugh doing so and finally picked a winner.

The winning quote is:

"Didn't the Geek Squad say this thing comes with a mouse?"

Congrats to AURORA MOMCILOVICH for coming up with this witty caption :) Please email me with your mailing address so that Alice can get the book out to you!

Thanks to everyone who participate i hope you enjoyed this contest and stay tuned for more here on my blog! Become a follower for easy access :)

Here are the other entries from this contest!

Techno kitty attacks!!!!

"Wachu say?!?! Intel's been jacked!"

Isn't I much prettier to looks at?

''sorry i cant respond to my emails today...something has crashed in my computer''

Already tired of 3D movies? Tired of 3D TVs? Well get ready because a new type of 3D is coming your way. Introducing CatPC. Your background is always a cat that moves but the computer runs slowly. Don't get too frustrated because if you hit the computer, the cat just might jump out from the screen!!!!

when computer cats ATTACK!!

"I swear I saw the mouse come in here"

Escaping windows to touch reality... shouldn't we follow the kitten?

HALP! I iz stuck! I tryed to get a "byte" of ur cheezburger!

Intel Processed Kitty

"finally can escape from this wretched box where to go first....*light bulb* lets go to barnes and noble!!!!!!!

 "awwwwww I dont want to go to the vet!"


 Kitty Squad making sure your computer is furry safe from birds and mice.

Hope these put a smile on your face :)

Melissa Silva
The Bookshelf

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  1. I hope you do another contest like this in the future. I love reading what everyone else comes up with. Thanks for yet another great contest!