Sunday, February 6, 2011

Caption Contest

February Contest: CAPTION CONTEST!

Enter for a chance to win a copy of Cassandra Clare's City of Glass. Book 3 in her Mortal Instruments Series.

Contest will run from February 6th til February 10th.

Here is what you need to do:

Take a look at the picture below (I know cute right?) and come up with your own caption for the photo. Most creative caption will win the book, so take your time and try your best in coming up with the best and most creative, funny, cute etc. caption you can think of!

That's it, easy-peezy!

Send your Caption entry to my email: with the subject: Caption Contest. Please include your full name. Only one caption entry per person. At the end of the contest, I along with Alice Priday; who has donated this book, will go through all the entries and the best one will win. Winner will be announced by the 12th of February if not sooner :)

Have fun and Enjoy!

Here is your photo:

Melissa Silva

                                                                      The Bookshelf


  1. such a cute pic♥ Will you be posting some of the entries? I would enjoy seeing what others came up with.
    Another great contest!

  2. cute pic, I'd like to see what people submit also :)

  3. Great Contest! I won't be entering this one because i already have the book and is awesome! so someone else should have the chance to read it too.

    good luck to everyone participating!

    love the caption!! so cute...

  4. yes I can post some of the entries for sure! if that's what you guys want :)