Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Red Glove Review

RED GLOVE BY HOLLY BLACK (Curse Workers book 2)

An amazing continuation to White Cat. Holly Black turns up the heat in the second Curse Workers.

***Contains Spoilers, Please read White Cat first!***

Red Glove continues in Cassel's life. After Cassel discovers his memories have been altered and erased, that he's actually a Worker and a rare one at that. Cassel can transform anyone or anything into something completely different, as Lila; Cassel's childhood friend, knows all too well. After Cassel transformed Lila back from being a cat, he finds out that his mother cursed her to love him, making it so he can't believe anything she says or does.

When Cassel finds out that Philip is murdered, he's roped into finding out who killed him and for what reason by the feds. But the feds aren't the only ones trying to get Cassel to work for them, the mob is after him too after finding out that he has such a rare ability.

Cassel finds out that Philip was working as an informant for the feds before he was killed, and when Cassel gets a hold of the evidence for the case they're working on he knows they're looking for two different a woman with red gloves and the other...could be him. Cassel still tries to live his life as normal as possible; going to school and hanging out with his two friends Daneca and Sam, until Lila walks back into his life. After she disappeared for the summer; after learning she was worked to love Cassel, she shows up at Cassel's school and becomes the new girl. Rumors start flying about her; who she is, where she came from, what's her story, but only Cassel knows the truth. The cat turned girl only has eyes for him.

Cassel begins to suspect Lila for Philip's death but when he begins to dig deeper he sees that the evidence doesn't add up. His mother is out of prison as well and trying to stay off her radar is keeping Cassal busy after all his mother couldn't be the killer...could she?

In Red Glove Cassel learns what he's capable of, and to what lengths people will go to have him on their side. He struggles to control his feeling for Lila as she waits out the curse put upon her and is learning to trust his friends.

Red Glove is filled with non-stop action and shocking twists, filled with murder, deceit, magic, romance, and the unexpected. Cassel's story is fantastic and the mystery entwined within the pages leaves you breathless and wanting more. Anything can happen in this world that Holly Black has created!

Melissa Silva
The Bookshlef

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