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The Chemical Garden Trilogy


Wither was a fantastic read. Romantic and twisted all at the same time. An amazing first book for Lauren DeStefano!

May Contain Spoilers

Wither follows the life of Rhine, a 16 year old girl thrown into a world of money and unwanted affection.
Rhine is a girl born of Genetic Engineering, because of this she will die at the age of 20. A lethal virus claims the lives of all young girls and boys. Boys living only to the age of 25 before they get taken over by the sickness. This virus is a big problem, causing the human race to begin dying out and the kidnapping of young girls in order to be sold off and used as baby-makers.
Rhine and her brother go everywhere together in order to prevent this from happening to her; but the one time she goes off to do a job on her own, she's tricked along with other girls and gets captured. Rhine along with two other girls get sold to a wealthy man named Linden and they soon become his new wives.
Life as a wife has it's moments; with everything she could ever ask for...except freedom. Rhine makes it her goal to become first wife in order to gain as much freedom as possible; first wife being priveleged enough to go outside the compound to parties and events with her husband Linden.
Things get complicated when she befriends with one of the servants; a boy her age named Gabriel, which she spends time with hidden from everyone. When Rhine begins to feel attracted to Gabriel, she vows to do everything she can to free him and herself from the life at the mansion.
When rumors of what really goes on around the house reach Rhine she becomes worried. With Linden's father being a scientist trying to find an antidote for the virus, and apparently controlling Linden's life as well, Rhine tries her best to stay off his radar while still finding a way to escape.
Rhine soon finds out that Housemaster Vaughn is experimenting on dead bodies down in the basement, and she doesn't know who she can trust. She befriends the other wives Jenna and Cecily but does not confide in them.
Rhine worries about the other girls; especially Cecily because she is so young, she tries to keep Linden's attention away from her in order to protect her, but her attempts are in vain. Linden soon beds the other wives and Cecily becomes pregnant. Cecily loves the life she has, and wants nothing more than to have Linden's attention and everything she asks for; she is oblivious to what her life really is. Rhine becomes closer to Jenna and soon finds she has a lot in common along with their hatred towards Linden and his father for bringing them into the life of wives. Rhine wishes to take Jenna with her when she escapes but Jenna knows there is no point, she will die soon due to the virus.
Rhine must find a way to save herself and Gabriel, they must escape the mansion and live their lives in the real world all without being caught.

Wither is exciting, romantic, and shocking! It left me in awe and wanting more. Rhine is an amazing character filled with life and determination. Book two can't come fast enough!

Want to read it for yourself? Buy it here: Wither (The Chemical Garden Trilogy)

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