Sunday, March 20, 2011

Frost Contest!

Bitter Frost                                  Forever Frost (Bitter Frost, #2)                       Silver Frost (Bitter Frost #3 of The Frost Series)

Hey Guys time for another contest! Up for grabs this time is the FROST SERIES by Kailin Gow. Swag package includes Bitter Frost (book 1) Forever Frost (book 2) and Silver Frost (book 3). In honor of Book 4: Frost Kisses being released Kailin has kindly donated these books to give away to one lucky fan of The Bookshelf! Thank you Kailin!!

Contest is INTERNATIONAL. Contest will Run from MARCH 20TH to APRIL 10TH. Please read ALL instructions carefully before commenting so that you know that you've completed everything required for this contest.

Here is what MUST be done:

1. 'LIKE' the facebook page: YA Books from Kailin Gow
2. 'LIKE' the facebook page: The Frost Series
3. Post about this contest on facebook
4. Post the Frost Kisses Book Trailer on facebook.
5. Change your facebook profile picture to Any of the Frost book covers (bitter frost, forever frost, silver frost OR frost kisses) for the duration of the contest. (you may switch between any of the frost covers during the contest)
6. Leave a comment with your name (first and last) and tell me why you would like to win these books :)

***If you want a chance to enter ANOTHER contest go out and buy FROST KISSES (book 4) you also get a gift with every purchase.*** Check it out on amazon: Frost Kisses (Bitter Frost #4 of The Frost Series)


All I have to say is that Kailin Gow is amazing! She has now offered a SIGNED ARC of Desire (first book in a new series out MAY 15, 2011). ARC will be given to the second place winner of The Frost Contest. So Enter the contest for your chance to win!

First Prize: Frost Series books 1-3
Runner Up: ARC of Desire
The contest will be running for 3 weeks. March 20th-April 10th. Keep posted to The Bookshelf for your chance to get more entries in this contest. The required elements are for your initial entry into the contest. Once done you don't HAVE to continue with the bonus entries, but if you do you get more chances to win The Frost Series Package :)

I will be posting random questions here on the blog (on this post) all you have to do is email me your answer ( for every right answer you get another entry. Simple right? It is! You may use whatever you wish to answer the questions, google, goodreads, facebook, kailin's blog (hint hint lol). Just no asking me or Kailin directly. Questions could be about anything really but I'll keep them pretty easy; as in you should be able to find the answer if you look :)

I'll post on The Bookshelf when a question goes up and you'll have 24 hours to answer that question. Once the 24 hours are up the question will no longer be 'in play' for a point (answer will be posted at the end of the 24 hours)

That's it, those are the rules. Play nice, play fair and most important have fun!!

Questions will be posted right here (remember to EMAIL me your answer. If you post the answer as a comment it won't count towards a point)


Question 1: Who is the winter prince in the frost series?
Answer: Kian

Question 2: What is Kailin Gow's publishing company?
Answer: Sparklesoup or The Edge Books (both accepted)

Question 3: What is the name of book 2 in the Wolf Fey-Frost series(out summer 2011)?
Answer: The Red Wolf

Question 4: Which series of Kailin's is being made into a TV series?
Answer: The Stoker Sisters Series

Question 5: What is Kailin's new years resolution?
Answer: to get in better shape and bring awareness to Autism with a marathon

Question 6: What is the name of Kailin Gow's Radio Show?
Answer: Women Who Write

Question 7: What are the 3As in 3As for Autism?
Answer: Actor, Artists and Authors

Question 8: (EXPIRES: Saturday apr. 9 @11pmEST) What is the name of book 5 in The Frost Series?
Answer: Midnight Frost

Question 9: (EXPIRES: Sunday apr. 10 @ 11amEST) Question 9: What series is the last name GREYSTONE from?
Answer: Pulse Series

Question 10: (EXPIRES: Sunday apr. 10 @ 10pmEST) From one of kailin's series(one of kailin's 'quotes', who said this: "There is no law stronger than that of magic."?
Answer: Kian


  1. annmarie ager
    i would love to win these books because i have been told there amazing and i love reading

  2. Autum Frailey. I would absolutely love to win these books because I have wanted them for like ever. I cant find them anywhere that I have went and cant buy them online :/ Thanks for the contest and thank you Kailin. You guys are awesome! I shared everything and liked everything as Autum Frailey.

    afrailey at hotmail dot com

  3. Hello Melissa!!
    I'm Sara Molina and I would LOVE to win these books, because I read all the time and I'm always looking for more to devour!

  4. I would love to win these books because I am a huge YA fan and I am always looking for awesome authors to read!

  5. Hi! I'm Molly Heilig and I would love to read this books. I'm a huge fan of reading especially faeries. They sound amazing.

  6. Hi :) Mel ;)
    Kailin is an inspiration to all, she is a fantastic writer, and her books are truly a blessing to alot of people. Her books heal and give everyone that little bit of time away to escape to another world !!! I d love to read the frost series, living in Austrlaia its hard to get them, they are either out of stock or waiting to be ordered and due to post ,, way to dear from Amazon, so this comp is just pure perfection for me to read this fab series.
    I have done all the above ;)
    Posted trailor on facebook, and comp, joined the frost series page already !!! and follow Kailin on facebook, ya books and her author page.
    Thanks for the wonderful chance to win these gorgus books !!
    Katrina whittaker

  7. Stacey Clifford
    These books just look and sound amazing. I've heard so many awesome things about them.
    Thanks so much for the opportunity to win them. :)
    I've shared and liked everything under Stacey Clifford. :)

  8. Great giveaway Melissa! and Thanks to Kailin for the fantastic donation ♥
    I liked both Facebook pages and have posted the contest on my profile and have also added the trailer.
    Now on to Why I want these books?
    Who wouldn't? Kailin writes beautiful sweet and fun reads and Feyland is a wonderful place and I would love to share these books (as a set) as a gift to a fellow reader who doesn't know yet that Faeries may be visiting her bookshelf soon!~
    Thats if I win them ♥ Thanks for a chance ♥
    * changed my profile pic to Frost Kisses*
    Aurora Momcilovich

  9. Hi. I would like to be lucky and win these books because i am so into faeries now and everyone is talking wonders about Kailin books. So i would like to read them.
    Mariela F. Silva

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  11. Wow I looked up the series since I hadn't read them before and they seem really good. I read some exerpts they had for the first book and descriptions of the others and really got in to it. I would love to win so I can start this series.
    Oh and my real name is Sara Hoag

  12. Great contest. I would love to win these books coz i love paranormal fiction. :D

    Clarissa Pereira

  13. Hey, fantastic contest. I have done all the requirements above, and i dont know if you wanted evidence but if you need a link to my facebook page, just let me know :-)

    I would love to win these books because i have heard such fantastic things about them and i have been eyeing these off for a while. I would dearly love to start reading this series, as it is in one of my favourite genre of books to read; Faeries :-D
    My full name is Shannon Byriel

    Good luck to everyone :-)

  14. Oh and i've posted about the contest and the trailer on my facebook page

  15. I'd love to win these books because they have been on my too read list for what feels like a loooong time!
    Thanks for the awesome contest!
    Lisa Sperry

  16. I would love to win these books because my friend highly recommended them!

    Dina Rubolino

  17. I would love to win the frost series! They sound very good and I have heard lots of good things about the series! I have done all the steps to be enter in the giveaway and a very great giveaway it is!!!!!

    My name is Kelly Sherrill thanks so much for the giveaway.

  18. Hey There My name is Kristina Yeager I did everything I was suppose to do to enter the contest. I would love to win these books sound awesome I love the covers I love the trailer I love everything i've read about them I am super exctied about this contest.

  19. I would like to win these books because I have heard nothing but good things about Kailin Gow and the Frost series.

    Tanya Contois

  20. Hey Mel,

    I've done all of the above :) and i would like to win this book because i've read the first book and loved it, but havent got a chance to buy the 2nd and 3rd book yet :)

    Oh and my name's Anny Tsai :)

    I've posted about the contest here:!/profile.php?id=100001451892462

    and my facebook homepage :)

  21. I am a 53 year old mom of a teenage daughter and discovered the wonders of teen fantasy through her. They remind me of Saturday mornings spent reading Andrew Lang's Fairy books in bed. Lacking funds, I do hope I win the books - they sound great!

  22. My name is Betsy Hillendahl and I would love to read these books because I absolutely love to read. I have generously provided Barnes and Noble with a lot of money from buying books. I think the nook and all those readers are ok, but me personally I love my books. To have something to hold and carry around rather than download off of the computer is ehh for me...I love series with fae's, vampires, shape shifters and all that fascinating stuff. I love different authors takes on these subjects. I keep hearing about these books and planned on getting them, I saw the contest and got very ecstatic to learn I may be able to win them. I would love to add these books to my collection. If you don't believe I love books part of my library is posted in my pictures, and that bookshelf has now doubled. I really really hope to win these books. If not I still plan on reading them. Thank you!
    P.S. I have done everything to enter the contest.

  23. Maria Bitar
    Well I'm an avid reader, the past two years most of the things I've focused my attention on reading one cause I love the genre and two cause I aspire to write in that genre is of course Young Adult with or without Paranormal elements, particularly the ones with the Paranormal content; and I've heard a lot of good things about Kailin Gow, I have several of her series on my to-buy and to-read list after checking her out and I would love a chance to win the first three books in her Frost Series as I am a student (yes still need to get my Masters.. *sigh* lol) and as all students I too am tight on funds occasionally or should I say more like usually... hehe :)

  24. Hola nena!!!! Thanks for the contest!
    6-....Well I I would LOVE to win! I need these books you girls at the Bookshelf keep talking about them and I really, really want to read them!

    Barbara Lopez Ramirez from Puerto Rico

  25. kaylee wicke

    why? because i'm a broke college student who doesn't have the money to buy books and i would love to expand my library and read new books!! :))

  26. I want to win them BC I have no money, and want to read these (and own) sooo bad!!!!

    ~Ashley Kay-McConnell

  27. i would love to win a copy of these books because i cant find them in any store near me and i cant purchase them online :( i hope i win!!! i am so keen to read them!!!

  28. I cannot express how much winning these books woud mean to me, I am totally stoked to read the series, I was going to buy them till I saw the contest.
    I am keeping my fingers, toes and everything else crossed that I finaly win a contest :D