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*****May contain spoilers*****

Book 2 in the Immortalis series. Hunters and Prey takes place a while after the battle with Santino. The one that brought Lysander to the brink of death. Alyssa is still young and learning the ways of the vampire. She feeds only on those who deserve death; the dirt bags that prey on the innocent and had once tried to kill her, if not for Lysander she would be dead.

One night while Alyssa is out feeding she gets a feeling of being watched; still young in the art of all things vampire, she's still able to sense that a vampire is nearby. She gets a strange feeling that she knows who is watching her and with that she takes off running and instinct takes her to a place she shouldn't be...Her old hangout. When she realizes she really should turn away from the Cafe, her former best friend Fallon spots her and that's when things get interesting.

Alyssa is left wondering how to explain her being missing for so long and her odd behavior and appearance and when nothing she can think of can explain away what is going on with her she is left with no choice but to confide in Fallon and tell her the truth. Fallon is in shock but takes the news rather well but with the knowledge of Alyssa's new life comes responsibility and great danger. She is thrown into a world of vampires and the war between them and the Acta Sanctorum, and Lysander is not happy about this...especially when he realizes that Alyssa was right and Santino is back and chasing after Alyssa.

With the truth of the vampire world now on Fallon's shoulders, it puts a rift between the clan. Should the mortal be trusted or should she be killed? Lysander will have the final say. With Fallon now knowing about Alyssa it puts her in danger of being used against Alyssa and the Clan. Fallon is pulled into a war that she wishes she wasn't a part of. The hunters now have a new soldier; an unstable hybrid of hunters, that when unleased cause destruction wherever they go. These new frenzy soldiers are not only a threat to vampires but to anyone that stands in there way.

The only way for Alyssa and her Clan to survive this brutal enemy is to make a temporary alliance with the greatest threat they've ever known...Santino. Santino is against this new army, he believes in protecting the innocent and with these rogue soldiers now on the Acta Sanctorum's side he must help the vampires he once hunted in order to protect everyone. Will Santino turn against the Acta Sanctorum? Will he truely join forces with Lysander's Clan in order to rid the world of the abominations plaguing their city?

Immortalis: Hunters and Prey is an unexpected thrill ride. The story flows so easily that you don't realize it's over til the last page is in your face. Full of action, passion, comedy and characters you just want to bring into your own world, you won't be disappointed with the second installment in the Immortalis series! It leaves you wanting more. Book 3: Pandora's Box is a book I can't wait for! It can't come fast enough!

This series is a must read! Go out and get your copies today Katie Salidas does NOT disappoint!

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Book 1: Immortalis Carpe Noctem

Book 2: Hunters & Prey

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  1. Great review, I have both of these on my tbr and I was unsure as to what to expect so thanks =]

  2. thank you glad I could help!! It's definitely a worthwhile series. I also have a review for book 1 here on my blog :)