Thursday, April 21, 2011

Ordained Review

Ordained by Devon Ashley

Ordained is book one in The Immortal Archives Series. The characters are entertaining and aggressive, and you ca't help but feel like you're right there with them.

May contain Spoilers.

The story follows Emily in the beginning, a born-hunter trained in an order focused on destroying vampires. They're trained from a young age and then set upon the world on their own to go out and kill the things that go bump in the night. Their training focus' on vampires but vampires aren't the only things out there. For years, hunters have fallen before a great Demon at the age of 25, none have shown the ability to kill the deadly beast until Abby.

Abby knows how to hold her own, fighting her way through demons, coontrolling the elements, and creating fires with just a thought. When she was taken to the Order she was put through a serious training program. Abby was treated like a soldier and nothing more. For thirteen years she was beaten and battered, bruised and isolated. They never showed her any affection and without contact from anyone it can really mess with someones head, especially when your already battling with a power within yourself. The night Abby left the Order was bloody, they pushed her to her limits and her anger tapped into a power burried deep within her core. Anger and pain triggered one of her abilities and she became lost in her self; killing those who hurt her.

Abby left the Order and stayed hidden for two hundred years. When she reappears the Order is in shock; she was assumed to have died when she turned 25, the same as all the hunters before her against the great Demon, but she survived. Now, the Order has asked for her help against a larger threat but little do they know that she is one of the things that goes bump in the night, Abby is a vampire and the one person to be able to save the Order and all the hunters at the school. She is the Ordained Huntress, a secret she has kept hidden from the Order and as much as she hates the Order she is not willing to put the lives of the Hunters and her friend Emily at risk.

Emily is the first hunter to live past her 25th birthday and Abby plans to keep her alive a lot longer. She along with her partner Noel are going to do what they can to protect her, but sometimes what you want to do and what actually happens are two completely different things. The truth about Abby and Noel is a secret they will do anything to protect and the people that can never find out are the ones they have to help. The order is a threat that they can't avoid and when they have to live under the eyes of the Order in order to protect them, their secrets get harder and harder to keep.

Ordained is an amazing read, full of action and mystery, the characters are fun and exciting and the story draws you in right from the start. Devon Ashley did an amazing job bringing the characters to life and bringing a fresh look to the darkside of things.

Melissa Silva
The Bookshelf


  1. Sounds like something I should check out! I like the dark cover. I think if I saw it at Borders I would pick it up! Thanks for the review. As always ♥

  2. i would like to read this book!!!

    paige marie