Monday, May 9, 2011

Captivated Review

Captivated by D. Apodaca. Book 1 in the Affliction Series.

Captivated was a little slow to start. The prologue was promising but the first few chapters were a bit hard to get through. It's not that the beginning was boring just that not much was really happening in the start. Once I got past chapter 5 things picked up, and I started to enjoy reading it.

Captivated follows the characters of Mindy and Dean. Mindy and Dean use to be best friends but after an incident in his life he shuts her out along with everyone else in his life. He no longer socializes with anyone and as the years went by Mindy got over the fact that he no longer wanted to be her friend. Now Mindy has new friends, Markus and Tanya. After a night out at a local club, Markus claims to have seem Dean kill someone in the alley and freaked out he tells Mindy. Mindy can't come to grips with the fact that Dean is a murderer and the fact that Markus has no evidence of it; not even a body, makes it even harder for her to believe him.

Markus makes it his mission to find out the truth about Dean and follows him around in the shadows to see what he's up to. What Markus discovers is unbelievable and he begins to question his sanity. Dean's 'victims' disappear after he kills them and Markus begins to believe that Dean is not who he seems to be. He no longer believes Dean is human and will do anything to prevent Mindy from getting hurt by him. No matter what Markus tells her she still can't get over the fact that it's Dean; her childhood friend, the investigation Markus puts into Dean makes her keep an eye on Dean which leads to her feelings for him coming to the surface once again. Even after everything, Mindy is falling in love with him.

When Markus starts being secretive as well Mindy begins to develop a relationship with Dean once again; hanging out with him hidden from others, but whenever they get close he always makes up a reason for her to go home, saying that she's not safe out at night and that she should go home. Curiosity takes a hold of Mindy and it makes her wonder what Dean is really up to. What is he trying to protect her from? Could Markus' claims be true, is Dean truely dangerous or is there something far worse out there in the darkness. Just when Mindy thinks things are going well she falls deeper into Dean's world, when he tries to pull away he realizes its too late for the both of them.

Captivated was great! When the story develops into full swing you never know what's really going to happen. A captivating story that makes you wonder what's really going on, what's the real truth, and what is going to happen!? The ending leaves you hanging. It allows the feelings to linger within your mind of how can it end like this? Definitely going to read the continuation as it left me wondering and full of questions that need answers!

Captivated will be released June 10, 2011.
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Melissa Silva
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