Tuesday, May 17, 2011

IVY Review

IVY: Book 1 in the Lake Dwellers Series by Leesa Birch

Ivy was an amazing story, great writing style and descriptions and a new twist in the YA Genre.  Ivy is about a Lake Dweller, one of many in a secret society. The Lake Dwellers live at a hidden location where they can be close to a sacred Lake. Lake Dwellers have the ability to heal but after a certain amount of time must enter the lake in order to cleanse themselves of all the pain they have taken in from others.

Ivy is one of the few lake dwellers that lives away from the lake and only returns when her pain cycle is active, going home to rid herself of the absorbed illnesses. She loves the lake but has never felt that she could live there; isolated, forever. She wants to live a life where she can do what she was meant to which is heal people, but even though lake dwellers are meant to heal she finds herself isolated among her own people. Ivy soon discovers that she is actually a water weaver; a lake dweller with the ability to control water at will, and among her people that is a forbidden gift. The last one to hold that power went mad with power and had to be executed so this makes Ivy nervous as well as afraid that she will become like her ancester.

As Ivy learns to control her new powers she must also try to hide who she really is from the real world. She was taken prisoner before because of her gifts of healing and when she becomes threatened once again of being discovered she must find a way to keep her life, control her new powers; which are triggered through emotions, and escape those who wish to control her. Ivy must learn to trust others but wonders how can you trust others when you don't know who you can truely trust... Even the ones closet to you can betray you in the end.

Ivy is amazing. A great story brought to life by Leesa Birch. The concept of lake dwellers and the details put into them to bring them to life was impressive and inspiring. All the ideas put into this book made it come alive and brought the characters closer to our reality than I ever thought possible. Leesa Birch was able to make Ivy that everyday girl that you could meet passing on the road but would never really know who she actually is, she brought the lake dweller to life and created a world that the reader can just sink into easily.

A must read! Check it out for yourselves :)

Melissa Silva
The Bookshelf


  1. sounds great can't wait to read it!

  2. This story sounds amazing. I can't wait to read it!