Thursday, June 23, 2011


DESIRE: Book 1 in the Desire Series by Kailin Gow

Desire introduces you to a strange new world where your whole life is planned  out for you at age 18. Even if you want one thing for yourself whatever is planned out is what you must do...or else.

Desire follows the story of Kama. A young girl who is about to turn 18. Her life is perfect and she hopes that her life's plan will have her life following the path she's on now. She hopes that her plan will be just as she wishes just like her boyfriend's and her best friend's have. Everything was going exactly as it should be until she comes across a mysterious yound man who captures her attention with one glance, and is able to speak to her in her mind. All it took was one gently whisper in her head and a gorgeous face to go with it and Kama is thrown into a world she never expected.

When Kama receives her life's plan in the mail she's left in shock, it's nothing like she expected and her boyfriend Liam is no longer in the picture. Heartbroken and torn on what to do now Kama and Liam try to find a way to fix what is wrong and put Kama back on to the path she was meant to be. But is it what Kama truely wants. With an empty life's plan Kama doesn't know what to do. She knows she can't be with Liam now that he wasn't mentioned in her plan and the thought of that rips her apart. Her heart aches to be with him because that's all she's ever wanted, but her mind now wanders to the mysterious man with the power to speak to her from a distance.

As Kama delves deeper into the world she's lived in all her life she begins to question the truth behind Arcadia. Her eyes are opened to what happens behind the scenes, the truth about her family is revealed as well as what Liam's father has really been doing with Arcadia,  and Kama must learn to accept the path she's been given because it's a gift, giving her the power to explore the truth behind every lie.

Desire was a new and interesting story in the YA genre. It has you wondering about the true nature of this so-called perfect world. Will Kama discover the truth about her life? Will her life's plan give her freedom or just cause more problems. Desire was mysterious and engaging with an ending that leaves you wanting more.

Another great read by Kailin Gow!

Melissa Silva
The Bookshelf

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