Friday, July 15, 2011

Spellbound Review

Spellbound by S.L. Ross

Book one in the Immortal Island Series.

May Contain ::SPOILERS::

 Spellbound follows the story of Sarah Daniels. When Sarah is asked to house sit by her parents she gets upset. The old house creeps her out. It's located on an Island outside of the city and growing up there strange things always happened in the house. As Sarah makes her journey to the home she comes in contact with some strangers that don't seem too strange to her. She experiences visions and when one of them reveals one of the strangers, Sarah doesn't know what to think.

When contact with this stranger; whose name is Chase, causes Sarah to get another vision, one of the past, Sarah is in awe. Chase's touch is shocking and sends tingles all the way through her body. Who is this man?

As the attraction between Sarah and Chase increases, she discovers the truth of who he really is. Chase is a vampire. When Sarah realizes that the Island she once called home is actually full of Immortals she's thrown into a world she can barely understand. When Sarah also realizes that she's actually an old soul, born multiple times over the centuries she questions the love Chase has for her. Is he in love with her or what she once was?

With Sarah having so much knowledge of the Other world she's now in a dangerous position. When others start coming after her, she must protect herself and the ones she cares for, but she's not being attacked just for her knowing too much...Sarah isn't who she thinks she is.

What do they want with Sarah? Will history repeat itself? Spellbound is a fast read that leaves you hanging at the end.

Spellbound was a great story. The Concept was great and the characters are detailed, the only problem I had with the story was the writing style. I have a hard time reading stories that are completely proper. I like when a story flows wells and is written in the way people speak. When words like do not and cannot are used instead of don't and can't it cuts the flow of the story for me and makes me pause in the line of thought. I understand that Chase is suppose to speak like that but with Sarah being from the modern world i think it would have fit better if mordern speech was used. 

The end was very sudden, crazy cliffhanger leaving a lot of questions and anticipation (just the way i like a story), it makes you wonder what is going to happen to Sarah and Chase in the end. Will it all work out? Will Sarah remember who she once was?

If you like a fast paced book, with love, action and heartache and a quick read Spellbound is the book for you.

Melissa Silva
The Bookshelf