Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Soul Thief Review

SOUL THIEF (book 2 in the Demon Trappers Series) by JANA OLIVER

Soul Thief is a gripping continuation to the Demon Trappers. Absolutely thrilling, addictive and must read for 2011.

***MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS---Read Demon Trapper's Daughter before reading this REVIEW***

Riley Blackthorne is still recovering from what happened at the Tabernacle. With so many of her own dead or severely injured; including her boyfriend Simon, Riley is trying to hold it together.
Poor Riley, she has so much going on in her life: Suffering the loss of her father; who was illegally taken from his grave by an unknown necromancer. Simon is acting strange and pushing Riley away. Beck is being his overprotective self, and still trying to get Riley to move in with her aunt. And now Riley has a body guard to worry about.

As the story continues Riley is still trying to figure out what happened at the Tabernacle. As the blame gets thrown around for how the demons got through the ward Riley's as well as her father's name get put through the ringer. Many of the trappers think that she was involved in the attack. How else would she have survived an attack from a grade five geofiend? And how was her father inside the ward just before the attack if he wasn't the one behind it?

As Riley tries to figure out who stole her father from his grave, she must also figure out what is going on with the holy water supply. Riley takes the investigation into her own hands and does a little research as to where the bottles are going missing. With so much on her plate, Riley has a hard time facing reality. Simon is acting strange and he blames Riley for what happened as well. He will not believe that God has failed him, he can't believe that God would just allow demons to prevail.

With the increasing threat of demons in the city, the vatican has dispatched the demon hunters to bring down the number of demons. Also putting their hands into the trappers business, the hunters are trying to find out who is involved in helping the demons. When Simon gives them a 'lead' into the traitor, it puts Riley in a very difficult position.

 Riley tries to protect her friends and herself by staying out of trouble but trouble always seems to find her. With the help of her new 'body guard' Ori, Riley is able to continue her invesigations. But who is Ori? He claims to be a freelance demon hunter, but no one has heard of him and even though he saved her at the Tabernacle there's something strange about him.

Soul Thief is fast paced and entertaining. A fantastic story that leads you through a road full of twists and turns, and unexpected surprises. It allows you to enter the lives of the characters on such a deeper level. Thouroughly enjoyed this book and I recommend this series to everyone!

Jana Oliver is a creative author, who is able to wrap a story around your heart and soul. Leading you through a world of the unexpected, she brings her writing to the surface of the pages leaving you wanting more.

Melissa Silva
The Bookshelf


  1. What an amazing review. Thanks so much for letting folks know about Riley's stories!

  2. Thank you Jana :) I love Riley and her friends! Keep up the great work!