Sunday, August 28, 2011

Witchlanders Review

WITCHLANDERS by Lena Coakley.

Witchlanders follows the sotry of Ryder. A young man living in a world where witches rule the land, predicting the future by throwing bones and protecting the village people with their future-sight. Ryder has grown up believing that the witches have no power that everything they say or do is fake and that they take portions of the peoples crops but don't deserve any of it. Ryder lives with his mother and his two sisters, going about everyday life tending to the fields and taking care of his family.

Ryder doesn't believe the witches are necessary, even if they could predict the future what would be the point, there's no danger anymore not since the only enemy The Baen were defeated years ago. Ryder's mother use to be a bone thrower and he never believed her prophecies, as his mother struggled with reality and the effects of a deadly drug Ryder tries to bring her back to her life telling her there's no magic. Little did he know that his mother's prophecy would come true.

When a deadly new magic makes itself known, it threatens his family and his friends. The witches are useless against this new force and all the blame is being put onto the old enemy the Baen but is the blame directed at the true source or could everything Ryder ever learned be completely false. The history of all he's ever know about the prophets his whole village worships gets turned upside down, nothing is as it seems and the only way Ryder can defeat the evil plaguing his town is to join with an unlikely character and make a stand against all he's every known.

Witchlanders was an interesting read. It was a bit slow to start, and the story was hard to get into but once the characters were developed and the attachments were built the story flowed with ease and anticipation. Witches are respected in this story and feared for their knowledge and power. Overall a great Debut novel for Lena Coakley.


Melissa Silva 
The Bookshelf

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