Thursday, September 22, 2011

FURY Review

FURY by Elizabeth Miles

Ascension, Maine is a beautiful town during winter break. Snow is falling turning the barest of trees into beautiful sculptures, Children are playing and on the coldest of days they are bundled up indoors. The perfect little town where nothing special ever happens...Or so you think. In this small town things are not as peaceful as they seem.

Fury follows the story of two characters. Em and Chase, both of which have their own problems and their own drama.
Chase is trying his best to stay in the popular circle but with trouble at home and the stress of everyday life and everyone judging him his life begins to come undone. When he runs into a mysterious girl named Ty everything changes for him, he feels as though finding her is a miracle. She makes him feel different and alive, he feels lucky to have her with him but she is not what she seems. Everytime he hangs out with her something bad happens afterwards but he feels like he's falling in love with her and just can't believe that Ty is the cause of all the problems happening around him.

Em has a great life, popular, a best friend that she loves to hang out with and her best friend's boyfriend who she's falling in love with. She knows that loving him is wrong but she feels a chemistry between the two of them and he's been noticing her a lot more especially the closer they get to winter holidays. When Em's best friend goes on vacation he makes a move on Em that she can't refuse. The Passion between them is clear and as much as she hates herself for doing this to her friend she feels that in the end they are meant to be together and her frriend will understand....Well she's wrong about everything. When things start going south for Em she must figure out what to do, now that she has been chosen by the furies there's no escaping their wrath.

Chase and Em find themselves in a world of trouble and must fight to survive the dangers that follow the furies.

Fury was a good book, not great to me but defnitely has the potential to become more. I felt that the book was a bit slow and lacked a true story as to who the mystery girls were and the history behond them. The truth about everything only comes out right at the end. I understand that the feel of the book was to draw the reader in and make them curious but with no real tidbits in between it left the reading dry in places.

Elizabeth Miles definitely has the potential to create a wonderful story and I hope that book 2 will bring everything together. Fury was written well, good style and decriptions but definitely needed a little more for me.


Melissa Silva
The Bookshelf

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