Friday, September 2, 2011

Monarch Review

MONARCH by Michelle Davidson Argyle

Nick is a CIA agent, a spy to be exact. Nick has been deep undercover, mixed in with a drug lord. Nick's life has been complicated, his wife committed suicide and his daughters want nothing to do with him but now he's in Brazil trying to bring down the drug lord Mattheus Ferreira who has been a threat to the US for years. The government has been trying to bring him down but have not been able to locate him.

When Nick is the closest he's been to finding Ferriera, he's betrayed and framed for a murder that changes his life forever. Now on the run from the CIA and from Ferriera's men he has no choice but to go into hiding. His journey leads him to a place from his past, to a woman he knew from years before. Lillian Love is the owner of an Inn and as he takes refuge in her presence old feeling begin to surface.

He puts a great risk on Lillian by bringing his problems to her door but she welcomes him and gives him shelter as he struggles on what to do about his situation. When the truth of the betrayal settles he must bring his family together in order to protect them. As Nick makes plans on how to free himself and protect everyone he cares for, he learns more about himself and his family that he ever thought possible. Lines are crossed and passions flare as Nick delves deeper into the lies surrounding his job, cowokers and family.

Dangerous events, sacrifices must be made, and friendships will be broken, relationships are tested and loyalties are questioned. Monarch is a great read. Thrilling and unexpected. The characters were fresh and real and the description of everything was fantastic. The research put into this book was thorough and as the story flows you can learn a lot. Monarchs are a beautiful thing and Michelle did a wonderful job in bringing their frail but fighting spirit to life in combination with the mystery and intensity of a book about love and deception.


Melissa Silva
The Bookshelf

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  1. I so want this book!! I have Cinders and thought it was great. She is really good writer, so I can only imagine how good this one will be.