Thursday, October 27, 2011

Metamorphosis Review


Book 2 in the Immortal Archives Series

I loved the first book in the Immortal Archives series and Devon Ashley doesn't disappoint with this second installment. Metamorphosis was quick paced, dramatic, and witty. A great continuation of the series.

Metamorphosis follows the POVs of Abby, Emily, and Noel. It starts with Emily's full transformation process and continues on with her acceptance of the life she now lives.
As Abby and Noel get Emily adjusted to her new life, they must train her to become strong and accustomed to her new powers. Emily learns to heighten all her senses and must learn to let go of her past life; nothing is the same now and with her new abilities she needs to rely on her vampire senses and not her human ones to survive.

Abby on the other hand, is still recovering from her battle even though all her injuries are healed on the surface and all her powers have returned her immortal heart has not stopped beating; which gets both Abby and Noel worried that something might be terribly wrong with her. The heart does not beat unless the pure vampire is injured and it needs to heal the body but with nothing obvious plaguing Abby she can't figure out why it wont stop.
Abby also begins to experience some strange symptoms; in the case of an immortal, headaches, stomachaches and a craving for junk food. I had a feeling of what could possibly be wrong with her and once I found out what it was it's a definite twist in the right direction. It throws everything for a loop and put even more pressure on Abby to stay healthy and stay alive.

Now i'm not a fan of giving away parts of the book; I hate spoilers I think they ruin books for people but there is a part in this book that I wish I could totally say OMG this happened and I thought I was going insane I couldn't believe it. BUT I won't. Midway through the book there is a HUGE twist in the story involving Noel, and for those who have read Ordained, you probably fell in love with his character. Metamorphosis almost had me hating him! The beginning was great but like I said once you get to the middle of the book, your feelings will change just as mine had but through the whole reading process I kept thinking to myself 'No, this can't be happening, this isn't real.' And that's all i'll say on that, it's a great twist and everyone will love it.

There's no true villain in this book but there are plenty of characters in it to keep the heroes busy. One character that comes into play will definitely be in the next book, and he's a real piece of work, as well as two new additions that surprise you at the end.

Metamorphosis was a great read, I love the characters and the attitude they have, they're strong but funny and they keep the book interesting. There's plenty happening in this book that you will NOT be bored in the slightest bit.

Metamorphosis will be released on November 15, 2011 So be sure to get your copies today. AND if you haven't read ORDAINED, definitely check that out first, The Immortaal Archives is a great series and I recommend it to everyone!

Melissa Silva
The Bookshelf

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