Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Clockwork Prince Review

Clockwork Prince: Book 2 in the Infernal Devices Series by Cassandra Clare

****May Contain Spoilers****

To start I want to say that I liked Clockwork Angel but i didn't think it was amazing but book 2 blew book 1 away. Clockwork Prince was amazing. It was fast paced and the storyline carried so well I just didnt wan't to put it down.

Set in an era that intrigues me beyond belief, Clockwork Prince did NOT disappoint. Picking up where Angel left off. With Mortmain still at large the shadowhunters along with Tessa must find him and bring him to justice. With no real leads on his location, they must find a way to get the information the need in order to bring the magister down. Will continues to sneak off from the institute in order to meet with Magnus in his attempts to get his life in order. With the reasoning behind Will's attitude towards others and life in general coming into focus, he's trying to find a way to overcome the curse set upon him years ago.

As will pushes everyone away; including Tessa, Tessa becomes familiar with Jem. Looking to him for comfort, companionship and understanding, his kindness is a relief to her in comparison to Will's rough nature. After Will's feelings towards her were clearly made in Angel, she protects herself now from the icy shards of Will's heart. Little does she know that everything Will does in his life is actually to protect them all from a terrible fate.

As the story progresses new conflicts arise. Charlotte's position as the head of the institute is challenged by Lightwood, and as the consul sets a seemingly impossible task ahead of her she struggles to find a way to keep things together. She is forced n ow to find and stop Mortmain within two weeks or Benedict will take over the institute. The stress of this seems trying enough, but those at the institute run into even more problems as the story goes on. In their search of Mortmain they come across an unexpected event. Will's family is at risk now, the magister has his hooks in them without them even knowing it. With Will still forced to keep his distance he's plagued with a difficult challenge; how can he keep the ones around him safe.

Also, the Lightwoods have found a way to infiltrate the institute, setting the task of Sophie and Tessa to be trained in combat, Gabriel and Gideon Lightwood are charged with training them. Everyone is on edge and must tread lightly in order to keep the truths around them secret. Jessamine; refusing to partake inand combat training, uses her free time to assist Charlotte with her taks around the institute. Little do they know that she's up to no good all on her own.

When the twists come into play you'll be left in shock. Who you think you can trust you can't, who you think is the enemy might well be your greatest ally, and those you love are the ones most likely to break your heart. As you entwine yourself within the story and into the lives of the characters you love most, you feel yourself drawn into theeir world. Feeling for them in a way I never thought possible, moments where you want to just grab them and shake them, yelling at them "what are you doing!?" These are the worst and also the best parts of the book. Worst in the sense that you feel so attached to the characters that you just want whats best for them to happen.

Some great OMG moments and definitely a few WTH moments. I fell in love with Jem in Angel but I've fallen even harder for Will in Prince. As his true colours come out in this books I don't think there will be a single person out there that wont enjoy his story. I high energy installment that I feel pushes Cassandra Clare to a whole new level of writing. Cassandra Clare has taken this series in general to a whole new level and in this second book she leaves the audience hanging by a thread in desperate need for the next book.

Melissa Silva
The Bookshelf

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Fire Wars Contest

Up for grabs this week is a copy of THE FIRE WARS by Kailin Gow!
The Fire Wars was released on October 17, 2011.

The Fire Wars is A dystopian romance that takes place on an island and is the melding of mythologies from two different cultures.

This contest will be fairly easy here's what you need to do:

1. Become a Fan of Fire Wars on Facebook

2. Tweet and/or Facebook post about this contest AND that Fire Wars is now available!

3. Change your profile picture to The Fire Wars book cover! (should be nice because it's an awesome looking cover!)

That's it! Pretty simple. Once you've done the above things just click on this form here and click what you've completed.

Contest is INTERNATIONAL. Contest will run from November 1, 2011-November 8, 2011.

Good Luck everyone and please be sure to tell your friends about the contest!

Melissa Silva
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